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Enjoy: cooking class

It’s so easy to fall into autopilot with cooking. Especially when you’re busy juggling multiple commitments for yourself and your family. Looking back through the diary that holds my week together, it seems we’ve been eating from the same five or six recipes for months…

The redemption of a long overdue cooking class gift voucher was just the remedy I needed to re-invigorate my interest in cooking.

Shared with a couple of girlfriends and a glass of wine (only once we’d finished cooking of course…) the Middle Eastern Banquet with Nourishing Nosh was a fun night, full of great take home tips. My favourites being how to beat the seeds from a pomegranate, char an eggplant over the gas burner without completely trashing your cooker, and source Australian grown quinoa [I honestly thought it all came from South America].

I love to cook and am by no means a novice in the kitchen, but no matter how much you know, I think you’ll agree, there is always something new to learn when you visit someone else’s kitchen.

The lovely Louise has generously allowed me to share the recipe for her gluten free Quinoa Tabouli. So enjoy the food porn from the night and jump over to the recipe if you’re keen to have a go at this modern take on traditional tabouli.


Karen xxx


Fresh ingredients nourishing nosh

The freshest of ingredients


pomegranate nourishing nosh

De-seeding a pomegranate


Sumac and lemon chicken nourishing nosh

Sumac & lemon chicken


Dream baklava pears nourishing nosh

Dreamy baklava pears



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