Karen Kingham's Blog - Green Tea & TreacleLife is about balance. What you love versus what you need. It applies to everything. The food we eat, the objects we desire and the places we want to visit.

There will be rare moments when there is synergy, when our wants and needs are one and the same, treasure these times.

Choosing a little of what you love and balancing this with plenty of what you need can put you on the road to health, happiness and contentment.

Green Tea & Treacle is that place for me. My balance of the important things I need and those I love and desire: a lot of green, a little sweet.

Come look around and find your balance too.

Karen Kingham is a wife and mother, cook, lover of good food, wannabe photographer and an Accredited Practising Dietitian. She writes regularly for food media, consults to the food industry and in her spare time indulges in her blog.