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Know: your community

It’s easy to get caught up in first world problems and assume this is how it is for most. But it was with new insight that I spent an evening with an inspirational bunch of women from The Sisterhood in the local parish kitchen preparing food for disadvantaged families on behalf of GIFT. Three hours, 7… Read more »

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Know: Secrets

It’s with renewed vigour that I tap away at my keyboard all fired up to bring you my news. What’s so exciting you ask? Having just spent last week immersed in the world of nutrition with over 700 dietitians and nutritionists, my head is spinning. But today it’s not nutrition secrets I want to share. Today… Read more »

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Know: heart health

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I had cause to think recently when a friend’s mother died from what was suspected to be a heart attack. Suddenly. Out of the blue. Tragic. It made me reflect on a piece I was commissioned to write a few years ago to support the National Heart Foundation’s Go Red for Women campaign. A campaign… Read more »