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Enjoy more time

I presented on time management at a conference of dietitians recently and learnt some interesting facts along the way. It might come as no surprise that when surveyed about work life balance1 the overwhelming response by women was “constantly rushed and pressed for time” And given Australia is one of the poorest ranking countries in the… Read more »

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Make Jam

Make Jam

I love the abundance of summer seasonal fruit, particularly stone fruit. And Mother Nature has been particularly generous this year as the peaches have been absolutely divine. Because they’ve been so abundant, and as a result well priced, I thought it was time I revisited Peach and Passionfruit Jam; a beautiful creation, the origins of which… Read more »

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Enjoy dairy

I was lucky enough hear one of the world’s biggest gurus on calcium, Professor Connie Weaver speak at a symposium hosted by Dairy Australia last month. As our best and most available source of dietary calcium, you can’t really avoid talking dairy if you want to talk about dietary calcium. So what did I learn… Read more »