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Know: your community

It’s easy to get caught up in first world problems and assume this is how it is for most. But it was with new insight that I spent an evening with an inspirational bunch of women from The Sisterhood in the local parish kitchen preparing food for disadvantaged families on behalf of GIFT. Three hours, 7… Read more »

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Enjoy: A Giving back Christmas

With less than a week till the jolly fellow arrives, if you haven’t made headway on the Christmas list you, like me, will need to panic get creative and fast.   And to help you (and me) out,  I’ve done some homework on a few last minute, meaningful gifts that show thought, if not necessarily planning……. Read more »

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Enjoy: Giving Back

I’m partial to a good linen tea towel. Though sometimes they look too good to waste on the dishes so I hang them on the wall instead…. And with a little time to spare one evening I went browsing for something special. And I came across these. This one here ticks quite a few boxes… Read more »