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Enjoy: Doing

Enjoy Doing

Today is a big day. Today Green Tea and Treacle turned 4. Today I started a project I’ve wanted to start for a long time. Today I am posting for the first time in more than two years. Today is a big day. Sometimes the fear of failure, not being good enough, stops you from… Read more »

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Make: super smoothies

Breakfast is a passion of mine so I’m always keen to share good brekkie solutions. Particularly when so many of us struggle to find time in the morning. Why is brekkie so important? The benefits to health, mood and weight are well established, and if you’re keen for detail, head on over to Enjoy Breakfast. Brekkie is also a… Read more »

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Enjoy more time

I presented on time management at a conference of dietitians recently and learnt some interesting facts along the way. It might come as no surprise that when surveyed about work life balance1 the overwhelming response by women was “constantly rushed and pressed for time” And given Australia is one of the poorest ranking countries in the… Read more »