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Enjoy dairy

I was lucky enough hear one of the world’s biggest gurus on calcium, Professor Connie Weaver speak at a symposium hosted by Dairy Australia last month. As our best and most available source of dietary calcium, you can’t really avoid talking dairy if you want to talk about dietary calcium. So what did I learn… Read more »

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Make: family meals fun

I’ve never really subscribed to the cookie cutter sandwiches or funny face dinner type of encouragement to get my children to eat. It’s not that I doubt their worth, it’s just I’d rather put my energies into other creative aspects of food preparation… Each to their own you know? So my thing is finding the… Read more »

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Enjoy: family meals

If you’re a parent of a child under 3, chances are you worry about how they eat. In fact, according to the Better Health Channel (a fabulous source of plain English health information) eight out of 10 Australian parents worry about their kids eating habits. From my experience as a nutritionist with an interest in… Read more »