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It’s easy to get caught up in first world problems and assume this is how it is for most.

But it was with new insight that I spent an evening with an inspirational bunch of women from The Sisterhood in the local parish kitchen preparing food for disadvantaged families on behalf of GIFT.

Three hours, 7 women, 100 meals…

GIFT many hands

Many hands make light work

It was that simple.

Distributed by the local Link Community Food Care Centre and St Vincent de Paul the meal packs we prepared also included a recipe sheet; just in case families wanted to cook it again.

Organisations such as these are in increasing demand despite the fact that Australia was ranked second in the world for average wealth in 2013.

The fact is that poverty in this ‘wealthy’ country of ours continues to increase. One in seven Australians live below the poverty line according to the latest report of the Australian Council of Social Service. Even more disturbing is that this effects one in six of our children.

It’s highly likely someone down your street is struggling.

Want to help?

We have some great national organisations looking out for Australians in need and they are always looking for more support:

The Smith Family

The Salvation Army Australia

St Vincent de Paul Society

But why not look into your own community. I’m sure you’ll find some fabulous groups doing some amazing things.

Money is always in demand but for me, finding time to give is really the ultimate gift…


GIFT serving out

100+ meals….



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