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Bits & Bobs: JarKey®

If you, like me covet pretty jars for things that may or may not come to fruition: think jam, relish, pickles or some amazing crafty thing you spied when blog cruising, then you like me might also want jars that aren’t defaced decorated with branding. You may also like me, prefer not to have to resort to drastic measures to remove a lid sucked on vacuum tight. My weapon of choice in the past has been the back of a heavy knife. A good whack on the side is generally is enough to break the vacuum seal (not the jar) and allow the lid to be removed easily. But, the lids look a bit sad and beaten about and I think the dent in the side has the potential to compromise any future seal you might want for jams and relishes etc. 

Resigned to a collection of pock marked prospective jam jars, out of the blue Mr D comes home with this wonder of inventions. The BRIX JarKey®

My what a beauty. It never fails to succeed and lids in my kitchen are now removed with ease and more importantly without blemish. Love it! 

What ‘good thing’ is tucked away in your kitchen drawer?



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