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Make: Pancakes (with your kids)

Well dear friends the irony of writing a blog promoting life balance is that at times one needs to practice what they preach. But, it is with joy that I return after a longer than anticipated hiatus from GT&T and I’m going to stay really calm about the fact that it was actually Pancake Day… Read more »

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Enjoy: A Giving back Christmas

With less than a week till the jolly fellow arrives, if you haven’t made headway on the Christmas list you, like me, will need to panic get creative and fast.   And to help you (and me) out,  I’ve done some homework on a few last minute, meaningful gifts that show thought, if not necessarily planning……. Read more »

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Enjoy: Timeout

time out

I never played a team sport as a child but the opportunity came to me a few years ago and I must say I am a little sad it took me this long. And if I try to define what it is that I most love about it, it would (unfortunately) have very little to… Read more »