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Make: family meals fun

I’ve never really subscribed to the cookie cutter sandwiches or funny face dinner type of encouragement to get my children to eat. It’s not that I doubt their worth, it’s just I’d rather put my energies into other creative aspects of food preparation… Each to their own you know? So my thing is finding the… Read more »

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Enjoy: Cumquats

It’s citrus season and our cumquat tree has been prolific. And unlike last year when I picked the fruit but ran out of time use them, I was determined to not to let this years crop to go to waste. A good thing then, that the long weekend had arrived and rain had washed out children’s sport; the… Read more »

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Make: White bean & brassica soup

This recipe features the hottest green vegetables on the block, the shining star of the brassica family, kale and it’s supporting star broccolini. Unlike cabbage (also from the brassica family along with cauliflower and broccoli), kale doesn’t form a head and so may look a little like spinach in this respect. In Australia, kale lovers… Read more »