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MAKE: Quinoa Tabbouleh

This thoroughly modern take on a traditional and very well known Lebanese salad is just as quick to make as the original version using bulgar (cracked wheat). It comes to Green Tea & Treacle via the lovely Louise Edney who runs the Nourishing Nosh Cooking School. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is often mistaken for a grain but… Read more »

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Make: Pancakes (with your kids)

Well dear friends the irony of writing a blog promoting life balance is that at times one needs to practice what they preach. But, it is with joy that I return after a longer than anticipated hiatus from GT&T and I’m going to stay really calm about the fact that it was actually Pancake Day… Read more »

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Make: Muesli

We’re not big fans of sultanas and raisins in our house so efforts at eating most muesli’s tend to end up with what looks very much like a trail of dead flies around the bowl. Or they all end up in my plate. That said the tart surprise of cranberries combined with the more subtle… Read more »